The bathroom can be one of the best rooms in the house for relaxing and unwinding so it’s important to create the atmosphere and make it feel like a place where you can go to completely unwind and relax. There is nothing like a nice hot soak in the bath at the end of a hard day. Whether you’ve ran a half marathon for charity, you just have a couple of hours spare whilst the grandparents look after the kids or it’s been a stressful day at work there is nothing like a long hot soak in the bath to recover, relax or unwind.

Getting the right atmosphere in your bathroom can involve many different factors including decorating the walls with stylish bathroom tiles to making sure there is somewhere to hang your favourite towel so you can quickly grab it when it’s time to get out the bath. There are many different choices to make when selecting what to decorate your bathroom walls with so  it’s important to thing about the decisions you’re making and what will help you relax.

One of the first important decisions to make when decorating the walls is what kind of covering are you going to have in your bathroom? If you want to make sure your bathroom is sufficiently resistant to water and also want a stylish design then the best choice is ceramic bathroom tiles as they are very water proof and a great way to prevent damage to your walls.

When you have tiled the wall then you can start to add extras to the walls of your bathroom that will help you relax and unwind and also add style and character to the room. There are many extras which you could add to make your bathroom experience a relaxing time such as a nice cabinet to store your products in that matches the style of your bathroom tiles, a heated towel rack to keep your towel nice and cosy for when you get out the bath, mirrors to create extra light and space throughout the room or how about adding candle holders to the wall to create the ultimate bathing atmosphere.

If you have any tips or advice about decorating and adding extras to their bathroom walls to create a relaxing bathing space then please leave your comments below...

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