Floor tiles have become very popular over the last few years with more and more people using this type of flooring within their house, unlike other areas of your home like the bathroom or kitchen you can purchase vinyl floor tiles which can be used within any area of your home the most common been hall ways and dining rooms.

A lot of people are looking for cheaper ways to change the floor design within their home and buying vinyl floor tiles can be the perfect way, these in expensive floor tiles can provide you with a brand new look for your room without costing you the earth which is why a lot of people have stopped laying real wood flooring within their home.

If you’re looking to buy vinyl floor tiles for your home then there are some things you should be aware off before you go out and buy the floor tiles. To begin with you should be aware of the various types of floor tiles which you can buy for your home. depending on how much experience you have with laying floor tiles one of these methods might suit you a lot better than the other one.

Types of Vinyl Floor Tiles

Unlike ceramic floor tiles there are only a few types of vinyl floor tiles one of the main types of floor tiles which will you will see when you’re looking at buying vinyl floor tiles is packs of small tiles which can be laid singularly this method will allow you to have more control over your floor tiles, the cost of these tiles is also very cheap depending on the quality of tiles you choose to have within your home.

The next type of floor tile which you might think about having is a role of vinyl floor tiles this will be cut in a set width but you can choose the length you will then have to cut the floor tiles to make them fit your home, this method can be very difficult as you will need to have the tools to ensure you can cut your flooring in a straight line failing to do this will result in your flooring looking very wonky and not very good for your room.

Vinyl Floor Tile Designs

A lot like the other types of floor tiles you can get vinyl floor tiles offer a whole range of designs which can allow you to create a completely unique design and appeal to your home. A lot of DIY shops will stock a whole range of designs and patterns of floor tiles which will mean you have the best chance of making something unique for your home.

The other benefits of having vinyl floor tiles installed into your home is that a lot of the floor tiles will come with a sticky backing which will mean depending on how clean your floor is you can simply lay your floor tiles directly to the floor without having to apply any adhesive. This can again save you a lot of money and time when you’re looking to lay floor tiles within your home.

Costs of Vinyl Floor Tiles

The cost of having vinyl floor tiles in your home can depend on the type of floor tiles you choose to have but the average price is around £4-£6 a pack of 6 floor tiles which means you can have a new floor laid within your home for little or no cost at all. if you have a wonky floor which is not straight then you will come into some issues and you might have to make sure your floor is level before you plan on laying your vinyl floor tiles.

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