When you’re looking at removing ceramic tiles from your home then you will likely need to know how to remove the grout to make  your wall smooth ready for painting or re-tiling depending on the amount of DIY skills you have you might be best off using some hand tools and removing the tiles one by one but if your fairly confident using tools then you might look at using a tool commonly known as a dremel to remove any grout from your ceramic tiles.

Another reason why you might be looking to remove the grout from around your ceramic tiles could be to update the look and feel of your bathroom, by removing the grout and adding new grout you will be making the room feel and look allotter warmer. If you do plan on just removing the grout from around your ceramic tiles then you will need to ensure you do not apply too much pressure and end up breaking the tiles as this will result in your having to tile the whole wall.

If you’re going to use a dremel to remove grout from around your ceramic tiles you will need to have the below tools, these will ensure you have the best chance of been able to remove the grout without damaging your ceramic tiles.

  • Eye goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Dremel Tool
  • Grout removal attachment
  • 1/16-inch carbide grout removal bit
  • Damp cloth
Now you have all of your tools you can think about removing the grout from in between your ceramic tiles.  To begin with make sure you have closed the room off this will prevent any dust from getting into other areas of your home. Once you have sealed the room make sure you put on your goggles and the ear plugs although you might not think it the Dremel gives off a very high pitched noise which can cause damage to your hearing if you do not protect yourself.

You can now start using your tool to remove grout from around the ceramic tiles, to do this you will need to turn the nose cap on dremel tool counter clock wise, you can now go about inserting the grout removal tool into the dremel. Once you have added the tool into the dremel you will need to tighten it using the small tool provided.

Now you’re able to start using the dremel tool to remove the grout to do this simply position the end of the tool in between the line at the top of the ceramic tile. You will have to make sure you have put the tool into the grout area to ensure it starts to chip away the grout once you turn it on. The dremel should have various speeds so ensure you read the manufactures guide on the bests peed to have the tool for when you’re removing grout from between ceramic tiles.

Turn the dremel on and begin removing grout from your ceramic tiles pull the tool downward ensure you not apply to much pressure as this will remove too much grout which will result in you have to re-grout allot more of your tiles rather than just the top layer. Once you have removed all the grout you will need to use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust from your tiles. Remember if you’re not confident in using tools then please make sure you seek some professional help failing to do this could result in you damaging your ceramic tiles.

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