Bathroom tiles have always been very popular and have been used within a range of areas to make a new look in your bathroom. A lot of people want to make something special for their bathroom which can mean they will look to have various mosaic bathroom tiles installed into your home. the downside to this is bathroom tiles like this can take hours to install as they are very small which can mean if you’re paying someone to install these bathroom tiles you will be left with a big bill for all their time in which it has taken to install bathroom tiles.

When you’re looking to lay these types of bathroom tiles you have various choices you can go with you can either lay the mosaic tiles one by one which will take a lot more time and could end up becoming a disaster or you could look at installing sheets of mosaic bathroom tiles which will give you the same affect but it will cost you a lot less than the other choice. In a lot of DIY shops you will only be able to buy large sheets or mesh backed mosaic bathroom tiles as the supplier thinks this will make it a lot easier to lay your tiles.

Depending on the area in which you want to lay your mosaic bathroom tiles you might need to use a technique which is called marking out. This technique should be used if you only plan on laying tiles over part of your wall as a feature and not your entire wall. To use this technique you will need to mark on the wall where your bathroom tiles will end for your feature once you have done this you will need to do the same around other areas of your bathroom wall.

Now you have marked your area in which you plan on laying your bathroom tiles you can think about beginning the process of laying your bathroom tiles. To begin with you will need to apply some adhesive to your wall using an adhesive spreader. Make sure you only apply adhesive to the area in which you plan on laying your bathroom tiles. If you’re going to be laying these bathroom tiles all of your bathroom then make sure you work in sections it is advisable to only lay 2-3 sheets of mosaic tiles at any one time.

Laying your Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

The process of laying your mosaic tiles is much like laying your bathroom tiles it can be done very quickly and can make your bathroom look amazing, but you do need to take your time and ensure you do not rush the process as this could result in you damaging your wall.  To begin with take your first sheet of mosaic wall tiles, apply some adhesive to an area of your wall if you haven’t already and then begin to lay your bathroom tiles. Make sure you start in one corner and work your way out to the middle of the wall.

While applying your bathroom tiles make sure you apply enough pressure for the bathroom tiles to properly stick. It is always a good idea to ensure you have also laid your bathroom tiles on a straight level and they won’t be wonky apply some more pressure to ensure the tiles are straight on the edge and not wonky this will help make the process of grouting and ensuring your tiles look good on the wall a lot easier.

Like any other room you will have some switches and taps which might cause you a headache but don’t worry there are some ways around this and they can be fixed very easily. To begin with you will need to measure on your bathroom tile sheet how much the obstacle comes out by once you have done this make some marks on the back of your bathroom tiles. Of course you will need to make the full marks for the obstacle so mark the top, base and width all of the back of your bathroom tile sheet once you have done this you can go about cutting your tiles to ensure they fit around your socket or taps in your bathroom. To cut your bathroom tiles you will need a sharp knife once you have cut your tiles hold it up against the area to ensure you have cut enough way and now again apply some adhesive and begin to lay your bathroom tiles.

When you are laying your bathroom tiles around sockets you will see gaps don’t panic this will be handled later on in the guide and your bathroom wall will look perfect. Continue to lay the rest of your bathroom tiles until the wall looks finished. If you do have any gaps between areas don’t worry grab hold of a spare sheet of tiles and cut it to fit the gap this might be small pieces so make sure you take care not to cut yourself. If you have a tile cutter to hand think about using this to cut your bathroom tiles. 

Now you have laid all of your bathroom tiles you will need to grout them to make them water proof and to finish off the design of your mosaic tiles. Before you start to lay grout in your bathroom tiles you should give the tiles 24 hours to dry to the wall this will make grouting a lot easier. As we will be laying the tiles in our bathroom we need to ensure we have some waterproof grout which can be laid onto our tiles to stop them from becoming damaged.

A lot of grouts will come with manufactures instructions which you should pay attention to and follow closely this will ensure you have the best chance of been able to finish your bathroom tiles off nicely and ensure you have a good even coat over your mosaic. Before you leave your bathroom tiles to completely dry wipe off any excess group from the tiles and then leave the grout to dry properly again refer to the guidelines as this could change depending on the type of grout you have bought.

To finish off the grout nicely you could consider using a grout shaper which will allow you to properly finish off your bathroom tiles with a smooth design down all of the tiles, using the grout shaper isn’t necessary and you do not have to do this process if you don’t wish however it can finish off your bathroom tile design.

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