Re-decorating your bathroom can be a very costly thing to undergo and with the main feature been your floor and wall tiles you will need to ensure you have enough money to be able to all of the room in one go. However you can always look at buying some discount tiles which will allow you to save money and also re-decorate your bathroom at nearly half the price. However been able to find your discount tiles can become a massive issue as not all shops will openly advertise the fact you could buy the same bathroom tiles cheaper in the discount section.

The below will show you some simple ways in which you can try and find some discount tiles for your bathroom. Remember to be very careful when you are looking at buying discount tiles as they might be damaged or faulty. The best idea is to look around and try and find some discount tiles which you can look at although this is never always going to be the case as most of the discount tiles which you can buy will be for sale online.

The below shows some of the very best places you could look if you are trying to find some discount tiles to install into your home. If you do plan on using any of the below methods to get your discount tiles please make sure you check that they enough bathroom tiles to cover all of the area as if you buy a small selection from one website then you might not be able to buy the same discount tiles elsewhere which will result in you have an odd looking bathroom.


The best way to try and find some discount tiles is to look online at various tile shops a lot of them will have some sections on the website where you can find some discount tiles. Almost every single tile website will have some tiles which have been discounted for one reason or another but you will need to ensure that they haven’t been discounted because they are damaged or faulty.

If you need to lay your bathroom tiles very quickly then try and see if the online shop will over quick delivery as a lot of the time you will have to wait 5 days before your discount tiles have been delivered which means you might not be able to use this method when you’re looking for discount tiles.

Special Offers

Every single company online and offline will have some special offers where you will be able to buy some discount tiles at a reduced price. These special offers will be announced across the whole website or shop so you will not have to look far when you are trying to find some discount tiles. As every single website works differently your best option when you are looking to find some discount tiles is in fact to check each website often as every website will have tile sales on at different times of the year.

The most common time when you will find discount tiles for sale on special offer in shops is during the summer months when people are outside and not looking to do any changes to their home.  A lot of the smaller shops will also have more offers on than larger stores because they will be looking to make more sales.

End of Season

Another good way to try and find some discount tiles is at the end of season where a lot of shops will be looking to get rid of stock which will not be used next year or season, this can be your prime chance to try and find some discount tiles. You will need to make sure that they have enough tiles to cover all of the area and you are not left with only half a room covered.

The end of season sale will happen online and offline so you really do have a good chance of been able to find loads of discount tiles to use within your home. Always make sure they have enough stock to cover your entire bathroom as because it is end of season you will not be able to get hold of anymore.


Some of the time you might be able to find some discount tiles in local newspapers weather this is through people selling some tiles which they have bought and they have left over or even companies looking to get rid of some tiles to local residents.

The issue with buying these discount tiles is they might only have a small amount which could leave you a lot of tiles short for your bathroom and then you will have to try and find the exact same tile for the rest of your bathroom. 


eBay is one of the biggest online auction sites and a lot of people will sell tiles online using this online auction site will allow you to find and buy a whole range of bathroom tiles for your house.  The issue with this is a lot of people will only offer local collection because of the weight of tiles they simply do not want the hassle of having to post them so they will only offer them locally.

This means you might be limited to the amount of choice you have when you are looking at buying some discount tiles. The best thing to do is to look around and make a note of any designs you like which would cover all of the area you need to tile.

These are all the ways in which you could look for discount tiles remember you need to take time when you are looking for your discount tiles as a lot of them might be damaged or faulty which is why they have been listed within the discount tiles area. 

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