Ceramic tiles are mainly used within bathrooms on the wall and although this can make your bathroom look very modern and stylish, however by tiling all of your bathroom you will be limiting yourself on the amount of space you have to store things which is why you might consider drilling your bathroom tiles and adding some shelf’s or a small storage unit.

Depending on what you would like to add to your bathroom wall you will have to drill your bathroom tiles as you will not be able to simply knock a small hole in your tile and then put up your unit so you have to drill your tiles. When you plan on drilling your ceramic tiles you will need to be aware that they might crack with the pressure of the drilling or if you plan on drilling the holes manually they might crack because of this.

To make sure you can drill your ceramic tile properly without it breaking you will need to have some tools which will ensure you do not crack or break your ceramic tiles as you are drilling them. These tools can either be hired from a tool shop or you could buy them from a local DIY shop and then keep them in case you need to drill holes in your ceramic tiles at a later date.
  • Masking Tape
  • Drill with Variable Speeds
  • Diamond Tipped Drill Pieces
  • Cooling Oil

Now you have all the correct tools you can think about drilling your ceramic tiles make sure you have covered the floor where you will be drilling as there will be small particles of dust and ceramic tile which will fall from the area you are drilling.

To start the process of drilling your ceramic tiles place masking tape onto the ceramic tile where you plan on drilling then make some marks on your tiles with a pencil where you will need to drill. The reason we add some masking tape onto the ceramic tile is it will help ensure the drill doesn’t slip as we start drilling into the ceramic tiles.

As we will be drilling very slowly your drill might become over heated so make sure you have applied some cooling oil onto your drill bit before you start drilling into your ceramic tiles. Now you have applied the cooling oil you can think about drilling your ceramic tile and getting it ready for you to be able to out your units up on the wall.

When you begin drilling your ceramic tiles make sure you drill on the very lowest speed as this will help prevent the risk of your ceramic tiles becoming broken or cracked. To start drilling simply place the drill bit onto the small pencil mark and begin drilling into your ceramic tile at a very slow speed.

Once you have broken into the ceramic tile and you are not trying to drill through the glaze anymore you can speed the drill up but make sure you are not going to fast.  Make sure you apply enough pressure at a continuous rate until you have complexly pierced your ceramic tile. Now you have drilled through your ceramic tile you can think about adding some raw plugs and then screwing your unit into place.

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