With summer fast approaching allot of people are looking to get into the garden and make use of the space they have this might be anything from making a small play area to having a patio whatever you plan on doing, if you’re going to make a patio you should think about using ceramic tiles for this use although some of the types of these tiles might not be ideal for outdoors some of them are very hardwearing and would be a good choice for your patio.

Whatever you plan on doing you will need to make sure your ceramic tiles are very durable and quite water resistant. Your ceramic tiles will of course also need to be quite attractive so that they fit in with your garden and don’t become an eyesore.  You will need to also ensure the ceramic tiles you choose can with stand cold and hot temperatures as we have changes in seasons within the UK.

If your planning on using ceramic tiles for outside use and you want to know the sort of materials and tools you will need to be able to buy the tiles then don’t worry this guide will show you how to get the best information and advice on how to make the most out of your patio area.  To begin with you will need to have a tape measure this will help you measure the area you are going to tile which will allow you to work out how many ceramic tiles you need for the job.

To begin with you will need to measure the area in which you plan to lay ceramic tiles this can be done very easily, one thing to remember is if you plan on laying ceramic tiles over say 145 Sq ft then it might be an idea to get enough to cover 180sq foot although this will cost more it will cover you in case any tiles are broken or damaged when your laying them in your back garden.  If you are confident you will not damage any ceramic tiles or you will be able to cut them normally then you should only buy the amount you need.

Now you have measured they are in which you wish to lay ceramic tiles you will need to find some ceramic tiles which you can use for your garden you will need to make sure they are water resistant to a certain degree you can do this by looking at the tiles and finding out if they have been labelled with Vitrified if they have this will mean they are not very water absorbent which means they will need be ideal for your garden.  You will also need to make sure your ceramic tiles are frost proof allot of people will find it allot easier to simply contact a local tile specialist who will be able to offer information and advice on the best ceramic tiles to use for your garden.

When you have found out the type of ceramic tiles which will be suited to your garden you will need to find out if they can supply them in a good thickness this will help prevent your tiles from cracking and becoming damaged. The ideal thickness to prevent cracking is ½ an inch which is a good thickness and can with stand bad weather.  As your ceramic tiles will be subject to allot of water and ice you will need to ensure they have a none slip material which will make sure your garden doesn’t become a danger zone.

Why Ceramic Tiles

Well like we have already spoken about allot of ceramic tiles are very durable and if you buy the correct tiles for your garden you will not have to make any changes to your patio for years to come which can be the ideal situation.  A lot of ceramic tiles are available in a range of colours and designs which can make them allot more ideal for people to choose over other tiles.

Ceramic tiles are also very cheap which means allot of people will used them because they don’t have to spend allot of money finding the right tiles as they can simply use ceramic tiles to fulfil there requirements within there garden area.

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