If you have decided to decorate a bathroom there is a certain criteria to look out, or at least make sure you consider. Bathrooms should be fitted with floor tiles and wall tiles. There is a reason for this and it isn't because they are pretty. The main reasons are listed below:

Showers and baths hold and use a lot of water. If you think about when you step out onto a floor there is alot of excess water and this will land on the floor. Therefore a carpet can quickly get damp and mouldy.

Floor tiles and wall tiles around the shower can easily be wiped down and kept clean. These will need cleaning on a daily basis. Wallpaper will also start to get damp and start warping, which is why wallpaper is generally not used within a bathroom.

A bathroom also needs floor tiles as these can benefit from underfloor heating better than carpet or any other flooring.

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