When you are looking to grout your floor tiles you have to ensure you grout them as this will ensure you have the best chance of not only securing your floor tiles to the grout but also ensuring the area under your floor tiles do not become damaged. The type of grout you should use for your floor tiles will heavily depend on the area and the type of floor tiles you are going to install.

There are three main types of grout you could use for your floor tiles of course each one has some benefits over the other but it will be down to your choice which you feel would be the very best grout for your floor tiles and how you could go about installing this grout around all of your floor tiles

·         Non Sanded Grout

·         Sanded Grout

·         Epoxy grout

Of course you can install any grout you wish around your floor tiles but by choosing the very best grout it will cut down on a lot of maintenance which has to be carried out on all of your floor tiles also by choosing the right grout for your floor tiles you will also extend the life of your floor tiles.

Non Sanded Grout

This type of grout is more ideal for people who have 1/8 wide gaps around all of their floor tiles. This grout will shrink as it cures which means it can be ideal for a lot of grouting areas around all of your floor tiles. The issue with using this type of grout is that it does shrink which means it is only ideal for small areas as if you have a big area and put in more grout then it will just shrink more which will cause a lot of issues for you.

If you’re going to use this type of grout for larger grout lines then you will need to be aware of the issues it can have and how you might find yourself with floor tiles which have only small areas of grout as the non sanded grout has shrunk and come away from your flooring tiles.

This grout is very easy to work with and for a lot of people who have little experience in laying floor tiles this grout can be the ideal solution, the grout can easily be installed on vertical walls making it ideal for people looking to lay extra tiles on the wall. This grout is also a lot easier on your hands and body and will not potentially cause any skin issues. A lot like the other types of grout you could use with your floor tiles you will need to make sure you apply this grout over your floor tiles with the correct tools.

Sealed Grout

This type of grout is ideal for any floor tiles which might have a canal for your grout which is bigger than 1/8 inches wide. This type of grout is almost everything that non-sanded grout isn’t and can help protect your floor tiles and ensure they are protected against water and other spills. This grout will also not shrink which means once you have applied it you will not need to go back and apply some more as it will hold its shape.

Depending on the type of floor tiles you have within your home you might need to take care as this type of grout is not ideal if you have granite, marble or limestone floor tiles installed within your home.  This is because the grout can actually cause your floor tiles to become scratched so make sure you have looked into this before looking at using this type of grout on your floor tiles. to make sure this type of grout will not damage your floor tiles you should test it on a small area before as then you will be able to tell if it is the right type of grout for you.

Epoxy Grout

This is the most common type of grout people will use when they are looking at laying floor tiles within their home. This grout is very durable and also water proof which is why it is so popular with people looking to lay grout around there floor tiles. This grout is made up of mainly 2 various types of chemicals which are why it is so durable and water proof.

A lot of the grout which you can buy which is epoxy can also be bought in various colours which make it even more ideal for people looking to grout around the floor tiles as they can have the grout in various colours to make the design and feel of their room. The downside of using this type of grout is you will have to work very quickly as it does set very fast which can result in you having some areas of your floor tiles which have not been completely finished before the grout sets.

It can be a good idea to work in small areas mixing only enough grout to cover a few floor tiles at a time as this will ensure you are not left with any areas which cannot be worked. This grout has also been made using no sand which means it is less likely to damage your floor tiles once you have laid them.

A lot of the best grout will have a lot to do with the brand you buy obviously the cheaper the grout the less likely it is to be as durable as you require which could leave you having to make some repairs to your floor tiles later on, it is always a good idea to spend more money and time finding the right floor tile grout than it is buying a cheaper grout. Epoxy grout is fairly expensive but this is mainly because of all the benefits and extras you have over other types of grout which will not grout your floor tiles as well.

This grout is also low maintenance which means you will only have to do some clean to your floor tiles once every so often because this grout protects your floor tiles very well which is a very important thing.

Choosing the wrong type of grout will cause you a whole list of problems as you will not be able to secure the floor tiles into place properly and you will not be able to easily clean your floor tiles, choosing the correct grout for your floor tiles will not only help the maintenance of your tiles but also improve the look and feel of your tiles.

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