Kitchen tiles are one of the most common areas within your home which will be subject to a lot of grease and dirt your kitchen tiles will be subject to fat, grease and food stains all year round and if you do not clean your tiles properly you could leave them open to collect a lot of bacteria which could cause a lot of issues within your home.

A lot of the time when you are cooking you will have some fat and grease spitting from your frying pan which could hit your kitchen tiles and cause a stain knowing how to remove the stain quickly and cleanly is going to help ensure you kitchen is not dirty all the time and full of stains. A lot of the time you will be able to clean your kitchen tiles and remove any stains which might have occurred using some simply home cleaning solutions.

 Depending how bad the stains are on your kitchen tiles you might think about buying some commercial stain remover to help remove all of the stains on your tiles however this can cause a lot more issues as you end up introducing harmful chemicals which if you have children could cause some injuries to them. The easiest way to ensure you home stays safe for your children and you can remove all the stains from your kitchen tiles is to use a homemade solution and some elbow grease which will ensure all of the stains are remove from your kitchen tiles.  Once you have cleaned your kitchen tiles once and removed all of the stains it can be a good idea to repeat the process every month to ensure the bacteria does not harvest on your ceramic tiles.

Things you will need:
  •  Measuring Jug
  •  Baking Soda
  •  Cloth
  • Sponge
As you can see you should have a lot of the above within your cupboards at home which means you can begin to clean all the grease off your kitchen tiles immediately. To start the process you will need to mix your solution this will need to be ½ a cup of baking soda to 2 litters of water and then mix the solution well before you apply onto your greasy kitchen tiles.

Now you have applied it onto all of your kitchen tiles you will need to take a sponge and using some elbow grease apply enough pressure to remove all of the stains from your ceramic tiles. Repeat this process until you cannot see any of the stains on your ceramic tiles and ensure you have applied the solution to all of your kitchen tiles and also removed any dirt from all of your tiles.

Now you have cleaned all of your kitchen tiles you will need to clean them and remove all of the solution, to do this simply rinse the tiles off with some clean water and then wipe down with a dry cloth and ensure all of the solution has been removed. You can repeat this process until all of the stains has been removed from your kitchen tiles and you have got sparkling ceramic tiles to work with.

If you have some stains still on your kitchen tiles then simply repeat the process until all of the stains have gone if you have trouble removing the stains you can look at making the solution stronger and then trying again this will ensure all of your tiles are now clean and have not been left with stains which might store bacteria.

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