Refresh a Bathroom


However well you look after your bathroom, in time grime is going to start to build up and your bathroom is going to show its age. Simply giving you bathroom tiles a good clean or replacing a shower curtain can give the room a whole new fresh look.


The single best, easiest and cheapest thing you can do to improve the look of an aging bathroom is to give it a really thorough clean. Use a high quality bathroom cleaner and scrub the bath, sink and toilet. Bringing taps and other fixings up to a shine can make a bathroom look brand new again. There are special tools available to clean the grout between your bathroom tiles and this is important as it can be a particularly grimy area and mould can grow. Cleaning your bathroom regularly can reduce the work required when it’s time for a big clean.

New Fittings

Whilst it may not be financially possible for you to replace your whole bathroom you may want to think about replacing the taps and other fittings. A new modern set of taps can really spruce up an aging bathroom suite. You might also consider adding a mirror to the room to give the effect of more space.


Unless your bathroom is completely tiled there’s a good chance you have some paintwork. A new coat of paint can improve the look of any room.


As mentioned above, cleaning your bathroom tiles can make a world of difference but you may want to go one step further and retile your bathroom. Tiles can be very affordable if you look in the right places and you could do the work yourself if you are confident enough. It is especially important to make sure the tiles are sealed properly in the bathroom.


A new set of towels or a new bathmat can make the room look vastly different with very little effort. If there’s enough room you could put a picture on the wall to add something new to the room.

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