Redecorating can be fun and if you have any leftover wall tiles that are either spare, cracked or broken then keep these as there are many other uses for tiles...

1./ If you have have broken corners on tiles, break up the rest of the tile and create a picture or work of art from grouting a small board and placing those tiles to create a mosaic that will be unique.
2./ Use a standard tile as a coaster or a hot plate for placing the teapot on or for hot drinks if using outdoor furniture
3./ Personalise the bathroom accessories with the mosaic approach around the tiles
4./ If you have a bathroom mirror or frame that needs brightening up, use a similar approach and decorate the frame with the tiles.
5./ Keep the whole tiles as spares and if a tile is broken or smashed accidently you will at least have spares that can used as replacement wall tiles.

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