Floor tiles are going to be one of the hardest wearing areas within your house and will be subject to a lot of things becoming stained on your floor tiles including been subject to a lot of water. This is the main reason why we should always ensure we seal all of our floor tiles as it will help to protect the grout and the tiles from leaking water and it will also make cleaning the tiles a lot easier.

It is very important that we apply sealant to all floor tiles which might be UN glazed as they will not have the protective coat which will protect them from spills and stains, this sealant will act as a barrier and protect all of your floor tiles from becoming damaged this sealant will also make your floor tiles water proof.

To begin with you will need to ensure you have a clean working area and you have bought your floor tile sealant, it can be a good idea to buy a good sealant suited to the type of floor tiles you have bought and laid already as this will ensure your floor tiles have the very best chance of been kept waterproof. To finish off sealing all of your kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles properly you will also need to have a paint roller as this will ensure you can properly seal all of your floor tiles.

To start with you will need to ensure all of your floor tiles are clean you can do this by using a small brush and a hover to ensure you have collected any loose pieces of dirt which might be stuck to the floor. To make sure you can clean your floor tiles properly you should also mix some hot water and some washing up liquid and then apply this all over your floor tiles.

Allow the solution to dry properly before washing off with a sponge and some cold water make sure the floor is properly dry by using a small cloth to remove any excess water which might be on your floor tiles. Continue to buff the tiles if you can still see some areas which have not been dried properly as the floor tiles need to be completely dry before you can seal them, failing to do this will mean your sealant doesn’t stick properly and therefore will leak water.

To ensure you can lay the sealant over all of your floor tiles properly you will need to pour some of the sealant into the paint tray and then using your roller make sure you have sealant all over the roller. Once this has been done you can apply sealant all over your floor tiles in even strokes apply the sealant over all of your floor tiles and allow to dry properly.

The likely hood is one coat of sealant on all of your floor tiles is not going to be enough so continue to add more coats repeating the same process as above.  You will need to continue adding coats of sealant onto all of your floor tiles until you can pour water on your tiles and it simply beads of when your tiles get to this stage you will know you have properly sealed all of your floor tiles.

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