The likely hood is you will have bought ceramic tiles for your home and your kitchen because they are very durable and can with stand a lot of walking but sometimes you will make errors which could mean you end up having a stain or two on your ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are very porous and this means your tiles can become stained very easily.

The market does have some tools which you can use to help remove all of the stains from your ceramic tiles but they can damage your ceramic tiles in the long run so might not be the ideal solution. The below will show you some simply ways you can go about removing stains from your ceramic tiles without causing any damage to the tiles.

To make sure you can remove all of the stains from your tiles effectively without damaging them you will need some tools which will help make the process a lot easier.  All of the tools you will need to be able to remove the stains from your ceramic tiles can be bought from most local DIY shops so make sure you go down and buy all of the tools at once before starting to remove the stains from your ceramic tiles.

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Soap
  • Vinegar
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Toothbrush
  • Knife
  • Kitchen role
  • Towels
Glazed Ceramic TIles

Now you have all the tools you can begin the process of removing all of the stains from your ceramic tiles.   To begin with you will need to mix some soap and water together make sure your not using bleach or anything too corrosive as this could cause damage to your ceramic tiles. Use your sponge to soak up the soapy warm water and the apply onto the ceramic tiles. Once you have covered some of the ceramic tiles in the soap you will then need to make them dry using a fabric towel apply some pressure and dry the tiles in a buffing method.

Continue to buff the tiles until they are completely dry this should then give your ceramic tiles a good shine if they haven’t come up then continue until you see the tiles have a shine. If this process hasn’t worked you can look at using some vinegar and this should work better, vinegar contains acid which it will be a lot more corrosive on your floor tiles and you will need to ensure you do not leave it on your tiles for too long as this could cause damage to your flooring and ceramic tiles.

If you still see stains within your grout and on your ceramic tiles then don’t worry you can follow the below method and this should remove any other dirt which might still be on your tiles. If you have some stains still on your grout in between your ceramic tiles you can get your small toothbrush and apply some of the mixtures as stated above this should hopefully clean the grout well and you shouldn’t have any more stains.

If the grout is still stained you will need to remove it and lay some new grout down this can be done using your small knife applying pressure around the affect areas the grout should just come out and allow you to lay some new grout down. Depending on the colour of your current grout you might need to buy some which will match to do this simply take the grout down to your DIY shop and ask them to match it. If your grout is white then you can just buy some normal grout and follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to lay the grout onto your ceramic tiles.

Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

UN glazed tiles need to be done differently as they don’t have the glaze on they cannot be tackled as easy as the other tiles. To start with you will need to mix sulfamic acid mixture which will be able to tackle all the stains on your ceramic tiles. This acid is available from flooring specialists so make sure you have contacted them before to ensure they have the acid in stock.

To make the mixture you will need to mix one pound of acid with 5 gallons of water make sure the water is cold and not warm like the other processes which we have been using to clean all of our ceramic tiles. Soak all of the ceramic tiles with the mixture and then clean the mixture off with some cold water. When handling the acid you should make sure you are wearing some gloves as this could cause an irritation to your hands if you don’t.

Now you have done all this simply clean all the ceramic tiles off with some water and then dry all of your tiles. Once your tiles have finished drying you shouldn’t see any stains when you have finished with all of the tools make sure you wash them properly to ensure you do not get any poison from them.

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