_A Bank Holiday provides a perfect opportunity to catch up with those jobs and small DIY tasks. Some tasks simply take more than a few days to organise and complete, which is why a Bank Holiday is a perfect opportunity.

Tiling jobs tend to be high on the DIY agenda and our guides on Blogspot highlight the different tools for cutting ceramic tiles, so we thought we would also focus this quick post on one of the other key areas of tiling and that is the installation of those tiles

These are probably one of the most critical items that you cannot forget during a trip to a DIY store. Spacers can come in different mm and will differ depending on if you are laying floor tiles or wall tiles. They are cross shaped and placed on the corners of the tiles to make create an equal space between each tile.

If you are laying bathroom floor tiles you may require a trim, which can go at the edge of a bathroom tiles or the edge of a kitchen splash back. These need to be used and placed as you are laying the tiles so they will look natural and not stuck on.

Jagged Trowel
You will need to create a grooved surface of adhesive in which to place the tiles onto the surface. This can be created using a jagged trowel, which will create the grooves. If you are tiling a large area, make sure you place enough adhesive to place a few tiles at a time. Do not cover the whole wall as it will dry before you have laid all the wall tiles.

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