There are many different choices available to consider when choosing the type of floor design for your home, each of which will add something different to a room. Different rooms suit different styles so bathroom tiles are great being moisture resistant whilst carpet in the bedroom is very cosy. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of some of the different types of flooring.
Carpeted Floor
Carpet is a common choice for flooring because of the homely nature it offers and the cosiness of walking on it. It is fairly easy to maintain, with regular hovering getting up everyday dirt. Stains on carpets can be harder to remove though and if you have a stain that can’t be removed it can be a hassle to replace the whole carpet. Carpet is not suited to all rooms though, especially the kitchen for example. Since cooking and eating occur in the kitchen then there are likely to be many spills of all kinds of liquids and different foods and because of this carpets are not the best choice for the kitchen.

Wooden flooring has a very long lifespan and can last a very long time. It can be finished in many different stains to create different looks so you can find the right one to match your room. A good solid wooden floor is very durable and resistant to daily wear and tear but the appearance of wood for flooring is not to everyone’s taste because it can appear to be not very welcoming.

Floor tiles
Choosing floor tiles for your house is a good option for certain rooms but not others. The main advantage is the ease of cleaning and maintaining a tiled floor since the surface can be easily wiped clean or mopped to remove stains or marks, this is why kitchen tiles are a good choice as food spills can be easily cleaned. 

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